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Our Advantages

Rich Experience

Beijing T-Win Century Technology Co., Ltd (known as T-Win) is one of the leading forces in the translation industry of China. As the incubator of WeTrans, T-Win shares the resources it has accumulated in the past 13 years, so as to make WeTrans a core technology platform in the translation education field in China and provide top professional talents for China’s translation industry.

A Powerful Team

Based on the online translation class system operated by Beijing T-Win Century Technology Co., Ltd. for over ten years and combining with the innovative ideas and cutting edge research results on computer aided translation education given by the Department of Language and Information Engineering at Peking University, WeTrans has created a professional training platform for high-end translators.

An Intelligent System

WETRANS is a course management system specially developed to teach translation, interpreting, and writing. It provides a platform for training in translation and writing and for translation research. Applicable to university education, enterprise training, and students’ self-learning, this system promotes the cooperative and innovative development of production, learning and research in the language field.

WETRANS assists teachers in managing online translation courses, enables the creation and sharing of valuable educational resources, and allows for the online distribution of assignments. It grants teachers the ability to guide students in peer evaluations while providing interaction with those students and allowing progress checks in their learning. This system has the ability to store and manage all educational materials.

University-Enterprise Cooperation

Teaching Support

Combining with diversified translation education resources and advanced natural language processing technologies, WeTrans’ Computer Aided Translation Training System (WETRANS) offers great convenience and efficiency to translation education, conforming to the trends of translation education. At the same time, WeTrans provides trainings for teachers.

Research Projects

As the training of translators becomes a hot topic within the industry, more and more university teachers are engaged in the study of translation technology and the research on translation education. WeTrans is establishing a scientific research fund to support teachers in publication of their research results.

Practice Base

As a practice center designated by the China National Committee for MTI Education and the Translators Association of China, WeTrans has achieved the cooperation in student practice with more than 20 universities, including the MTI major and CAT major of Peking University, School of Translation and Interpreting of Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Huazhong Agricultural University and Northeast Normal University.

Functions of WETRANS

A Powerful System for Translation and/or Interpretation Course Management

WETRANS supports the management of teaching schedules and publication of courseware, as well as collection and publication of teaching materials. It also provides various education support tools.

An Efficient Platform for Sharing Teaching and Learning Resources

The WETRANS’ teaching database stores a large number of translation cases. Based on their needs, teachers can use these cases or create by their own.

An Innovative System for Marking Errors and/or Mistakes in Translation

When preparing translation cases or revising students’ homework, teachers can add annotations to the source text and target text. They can also annotate a multiple text blocks at the same time for the sake of comparison.


A Cloud Storage System for Convenient Access (to Information/Resources)

WETRANS can store and manage a translation learner’s language database created with teaching materials and results (the inter-language database), so as to improve teaching and research.

A Sound Online Work Environment for Translation

A WETRANS user may input his translation in the corresponding area or share his translating experience and relevant references in the note-taking area.

A Mechanism for Diverse Interactions Between Teachers and Students

WETRANS provides online discussion forums for both teachers and students, enabling them to ask questions and participate in in-depth discussions on various topics.

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