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About WeTrans

Beijing WeTrans Technology Co., Ltd is a cutting-edge Internet company that specializes in the research and development, sales, and servicing of the Computer Aided Translation Training System (WETRANS).

With a core value of “striving to be a leading company in the translation industry through exceptional efforts”, we aim to provide solutions for interpretation and translation education at universities both home and abroad. We seek to serve as a platform to train translators and interpreters to meet market demands utilizing all the resource advantages accumulated over the past 13 years by Beijing T-Win Century Technology Co., Ltd – one of China’s leading translation companies.

Products and Services

1、Translation and Interpretation Education: interpretation and translation teaching labs, research, development and upgrading of translation education resources

2、Research and development of software and hardware for multi-media foreign language education and systems integration

3、Cloud Translation Classroom: MTI training, CATTI training, training for translation as a profession, CAT training, CET 4 and CET 6 translation training

4、Practical Training: translation, interpretation, and translation bidding

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Beijing WeTrans Technology Co., Ltd.

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