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University-Enterprise Cooperation

As a mutually beneficial partnership, university-enterprise cooperation helps both sides optimize their individual advantages while promoting a combination of education and production. By supporting each other and cooperating, the university and enterprise realize mutual advantages, optimize resource use, and promote interests to achieve breakthroughs in production, learning, and research—thereby achieving win-win results. With this in mind, Beijing WeTrans Technology Co., Ltd (known as WeTrans) actively initiates university-enterprise cooperation to foster high-quality, practical talents for society at large.


teaching support

Combining with diversified translation education resources and advanced natural language processing technologies, WeTrans’ Computer Aided Translation Training System (WETRANS) offers great convenience and efficiency to translation education, conforming to the trends of translation education. At the same time, WeTrans provides trainings for teachers to aid them in better using the system.


research projects

As the training of translators becomes a hot topic within the industry, more and more university teachers are engaged in the study of translation technology and the research on translation education. WeTrans is establishing a scientific research fund to support teachers in publication of their research results.
WeTrans has established the WeTrans Scholarship at the School of Translation and Interpreting at BLCU. This effort effectively ensures a sustainable development in production, learning, and research.


practice base

As a practice center designated by the China National MTI Education Steering Committee and the Translators Association of China, WeTrans has become a practice hub for more than 20 universities, including the MTI major and CAT major of Peking University, School of Translation and Interpreting of Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China University of Petroleum, Huazhong Agricultural University and Northeast Normal University.
WeTrans provides college students with on-site internships. At the same time, it provides remote training support through its translation training platform for students outside of Beijing, allowing them to learn and practice at anywhere.
At the end of their internship, WeTrans will issue students a practice certificate and offer the WeTrans Scholarship to outstanding students.

Cooperation with Universities


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